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Make your way through dragons and goblins all the way to vast fortunes stored away over the centuries!

While the journey might be fraught with peril you'll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

Goblin's Treasure is a 25 line slot game that features two random progressive jackpots as well as the win-win feature.

The win-win feature gives an extra payout to players who didn't fare so well in the bonus rounds.

Players can wager as little as one cent or as much as one hundred and twenty five dollars.

For those who like to play through a certain number of spins automatically there is an "Autoplay" function available.

Make your way through this mystic land and make the Goblin's Treasure yours. Choose the amount you want to bet by hitting on the wager buttons which can increase or decrease you're the desired amount.

You can start at just $0.25 or you can bet right up to $125.00 per spin.

Goblin's Treasure has 25 default paylines, however you can increase or decrease this feature to your liking.

Clicking on the spin button will make the strangest creatures and most fantastical of objects whirl around to finally stop on your payline.

Hitting the treasure chest on reel 5 and a goblin on reel 1 will automatically entitle you to 15 free spins.

If the first four reels have already paid out then the treasure symbol will turn into another wild card and prizes can reach even higher levels.